Testimonials – what our customers say

Corinne Nederlof ELT Publisher Malmberg
You react quicker and work faster than most of our authors, we are very happy with you and your work.

Daniel Agmon TU Delft

Thank you so much for giving us the revised script so quickly. I like the flavours you added. The faculty is very happy with it.

Mike – that’s great! It adds a lot. Text is also more appealing.

Rob Smith Director Watford FC Community Sports & Education Trust
Mike – really grateful to you for your support – both jobs look extremely professional.

Elle Docx Director of Communications Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Anna and I have been through the restoration blogs and we love them. They are really accessible, interesting, well-paced and everything we hoped for. I also learned something new about boys being kidnapped for choir?! Crazy, I did not know that.

Miaojia Liu Baltic and International Maritime Council

The revised script looks very good indeed, thank you very much.

Hilda van Zeeland Bureau ICE

As always, your directions were very helpful.