So after my new efforts at music reviewing featuring classical concerts and opera, a further opportunity presented itself in August when my friends Alan Skidmore and Mark Wastell invited me to an experimental gig they were playing at the Hundred Years Gallery in London’s Hoxton.

I had no idea what to expect as they had never played together and hadn’t rehearsed so this was a completely freeform afternoon. The gallery were recording audio and video but I’d asked them if they’d like me to film it too. They liked the idea and so my trusty Canon Eos was dusted off and so as not to be intrusive as an unofficial documenter of the day. I filmed from a chair to the left of the stage with a lot of fuzzy focus and repositioning but ended up with at least a passable record of an amazing experiment which I think I and all others present hope will be repeated. The range of sounds produced by both musicians were remarkable examples of the best improvised jazz. I also wrote it up for the Alan Skidmore website which you can check out here.

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