Verbalists has been selected by international training provider Lepaya to develop interactive scripts for training modules delivered through Virtual Reality devices. We have written plenty of scripts over the years for actors and narrators to deliver, but this is a new departure. The project all kicked off with a number of online video calls with a talented and friendly team in Amsterdam and, maybe, we’ll get to meet in person one of these days.

The subject matter concerns the professional development of individuals through improving their soft skills – or as Lepaya believe their Power Skills. They cover areas such as improving communication, helping them give constructive feedback and other behavioural factors that will improve personal and company performance. The scripts involve quite complex realistic business scenarios. Many of them involve branching multiple choice questions which result in me plotting alternative pathways through a whiteboard filled with post it notes. It’s a fascinating task which keeps the brain active – not to say stretched on occasion – but the whole project is conducted with a professional attitude and serious commitment but which still leaves room for fun.

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