Many know that I’m a Watford season ticket holder and had the privilege of writing a book marking 25 years of it charity arm the Community Sports & Education Trust back in 2017. Well 2022 saw the 100th anniversary of the club’s move to its new home at Vicarage Road and again I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a team planning and executing the celebration activities. To begin with – in lockdown – all meetings were on Zoom and I prepared a Gantt chart to guide us through the process. We were covering many areas: Communication; Book; Videos; Exhibitions; Merchandise; Events and more, all involving different groups in the club and the community. The tangible results have been very successful, rather better than the club’s this season but that’s being a supporter.

The book which a colleague wrote, the club’s in house designer visualised and laid out and I production managed. It has 256 pages with over 300 images and a chronological history of the ground enhanced by individual supporters’ stories. A snip at £20.22

The opening frame of each of a series of six documentary videos covering the ten decades which I wrote, interviewed supporters for and produced with the in house media team. You can watch them all here. There was also a CGI visualisation of the club’s 100 years at Vicarage Road which is here.

I’ve also been asked to contribute an number of player profile articles to series the club has been running in matchday programmes throughout the centenary year. It has been interesting to research for stats and stories and talk to the players to get quotes to liven the pieces up.

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