Watford Community Trust update

Watford FC Community Sports & Education Trust update

After a useful series of meetings the project is now gaining momentum. On 4 April there's a briefing meeting with volunteers and later in the month a day long session at the club where people will come and tell us about their experiences with the Trust over its 25 years.

There's a lot of good published archive material but what we need it the personal stuff - photos, certificates, letters etc that tell the individuals' stories rather than the Trust's.

The beginning of March has also seen us edit the first draft of a first novel by an established non-fiction writer. My Guardian Masterclass in novel writing with Ross Raisin has come in very useful in reviewing and editing its 100 thousand words. Ross Raisin's latest book A Natural is an excellent one based in lower league football so I've had soccer fact and fiction filling my time as well as doing a little bit of copywriting for TU Delft and some native language checking for Malmberg's secondary school English series All Right.

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